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My Favorite Free Resources for New Programmers

Last week, I shared my tips for new developers and how to start coding. I also wanted to share my favorite free resources for learning how to code. I have used or gone through each of these personally, so I can vouch for them being good quality and beginner friendly!

For HTML and CSS

For JavaScript

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For other Programming Languages and Concepts

  • This site has it all -- from HTML, CSS, and JS through frameworks and other programming languages. It has a unique REPL tutorial format: Code Academy - this would be my top recommendation for where to start.
  • Learn a web framework -- from the command line through Python and Django and through HTML and CSS -- all in roughly a day: Django Girls - their online tutorial was where web development clicked for me -- it was very pivotal in my career!
  • Try Ruby code directly in your browser: Try Ruby
  • Github has a series of tutorials for learning both Git and GitHub directly in the browser: Try Git

For Computer Science

  • A series of illustrated guides to computer science fundamentals: BaseCS - there are also podcast and video versions of some of these articles!
  • A bunch of cheat sheets I wrote when studying for interviews: Coding Cheat Sheets
  • Video versions of a lot of classes including computer science classes: MIT on YouTube

For Code Challenges

  • Tons of challenges with difficulties attached: CodeWars
  • Another code challenge site with more consistency: HackerRank
  • Mathematical coding problems: Project Euler

Awesome beginner Libraries

  • Build art with JavaScript: P5.js
  • Build a customized map with JavaScript: Leaflet
  • Build virtual reality applications with HTML: A-Frame
  • Build a JavaScript game: Phaser


  • Ask questions with the #explainlikeimfive, #help, and #meta tags dev.to
  • Participate in Twitter chats, listen to awesome motivational podcasts, and read helpful blog posts: CodeNewbies - they also have a Slack group!

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