A Complete Guide to the Amplify React Authentication Components


  A few weeks ago, the team I work on, AWS Amplify, launched brand new authentication components for React, Vue, and Angular. I want to give…

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Extreme Makeover: Code Edition


I am a little bit obsessed with writing clean code. Code should be written for future developers (including yourself) and extendability…

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Build a Music Sharing App with Amazon S3 and AWS Amplify


Amazon S3 was the first AWS service I ever used, which I would guess is a pretty common occurrence -- it's pretty simple and allows you to…

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Add Sign in with Apple to your React App!


AWS Amplify added support for implementing Sign in with Apple to your apps! In this tutorial we'll start from zero by creating an Apple…

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Build a React App with Authorization and Authentication


In this tutorial, we'll be talking about authorization and how to implement it with AWS Amplify's DataStore. First, let's get on the same…

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Create a Fullstack Next.js App with Authentication, Data, and Storage


Next.js is one of my favorite tools for web development -- but it's a frontend framework. How can you build a fullstack application with it…

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Three New Next.js Features and How to Use Them


AWS Amplify recently added support for Next.js 10 features, including incremental static regeneration, optional catch all routes, and image…

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Introducing the AWS Amplify Admin UI: Create an Application Backend in Clicks


I am so, so excited about the brand new Amplify Admin UI, which the team that I'm on at work launched this week. You can create and…

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Building an Offline-Ready Form With Vanilla JavaScript


I recently had a conversation with some colleagues about whether I as a web developer often needed to have data available both offline and…

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Build a Serverless Subscription Site with Stripe


In this tutorial, we'll be building out a site that uses Stripe to create a checkout system, then that triggers an AWS Lambda Function…

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Build a Vacation Rental Site with Amplify Studio


What is Amplify Studio? One of the most exciting projects I've worked on in my career, AWS Amplify Studio, just launched at Re:Invent in…

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Hasura 101: Building a Realtime Game with Graphql and React


My favorite technology discovery of 2019 was Hasura . It makes getting up and running with a full Postgres + GraphQL backend a breeze…

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Building a Full Stack Application with AWS Amplify: A Beginner-Friendly Guide


A few weeks ago, I joined the AWS Amplify team as a Senior Developer Advocate. I am really excited to be working on a product that makes…

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A Web Design Crash Course: From one non-designer to another


I will preface this by saying that I'm not professionally a designer. That being said, I like building pretty things and have had some…

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What is a Web Framework, and Why Should I use one?


"Framework" is a word used a lot in relation to code. So, what even is a framework? When we talk about frameworks, those frameworks normally…

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Getting Started with Storybook: How to Develop React Components Without an App


I wanted to write up some thoughts and a quick tutorial on one of my favorite development tools, Storybook. You can use Storybook which…

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